April 2011 issue of the EHS Journal

Thank you for sharing your work. I used your photograph, Peggy's Cove,  as the lead image for the April 2011 issue of the EHS Journal and gave  you credit. It is a stunning photo with great composition and fantastic  color.

The EHS Journal

Thank you for sharing your work. I used your photo, Popcorn Cart, to illustrate an article in the EHS Journal. I love the bright perky colors of the image.


Hi bill - I recently had a chance to finally view all of the wonderful photo you took at Henry's
ordination . Wow - You captured the moments beautifully. Thanks again Kimberley Smolenaars

Annuity Pathway

Hi Bill,

I loved your photo and have used it at:

Click on Copyright link at bottom of page:

Many thanks!



Nova Scotia's Official Tourism Website

The top image of Halls Harbour, used by Nova Scotia's official tourism website HERE.


Dear lumix2004 [Bill],

I'm writing about image #542404.


I intend to use this image as a cover on my eHow article, 'How to Escape a Bear in the Woods.' Granted, there is no Bear in the photo. But, it is a scene in which you could expect to see a Bear emerge at any time.

I have a friend who says she will draw me an image of a hiker facing a Bear in the woods. Depending on what that looks like, it will either bump your photo, or be placed in the body of the article. I am leaning towards the second option, myself.

Very nice photo!

-Thank you!

Best regards,


DieTageszeitung Travel

We published your photo Wooden Shoes on the website of the german newspaper 'Die Tageszeitung'. See:

It is an article about acadian people in the travel section.

Thanks a lot

Petra Zornemann, Berlin

Best regards,


Dutch Idol Winner uses my Angel Wings photo

Nikki used my photo of Wolfville Baptist church's Angel Wings. Nikki was was the Dutch Idol's winner with this Gospel song. You can see the wings on the video off to the side ... it's so cool that it was used to glorify God in this way!!


Time Magazine ???

I was perusing your gallery on SXC (your work is very good by the way) when I came across one of your images that I thought I recognized. The image in question is #322395 with pictures of the small baby dolls in the palm of a hand.

It only took me a few seconds to realise why the image was so familiar to me. I checked my back log of TIME magazines and there on the February 26, 2007 issue on the cover of TIME is an image which bears striking similarity to your own. At first I though it was the same image, but the cover photograph was taken by world renowned photographer Dana Lixenberg.

This begs the question. Your image was uploaded in 2005 and the TIME cover only came out recently. I was wondering if you had seen the cover, and if so, don't you find it amazing that 2 years after you upload your image, a very similar concept graces the cover of TIME magazine?

Anyway, from one SXC user to another, I thought I'd just let you know, although I'm probably not the only one who has noticed the resemblance.

I'd like to hear your thoughts on this. You can email me.

BBC Television Series

The Contributor: BILL DAVENPORT

Title of Work: A TREE
Type of Work: PHOTOGRAPH
1st Broadcast Date: TBA

Dear Bill

Further to our exchange of e mail messages, I have set out in this letter/agreement our suggested terms to govern our proposed use of the photograph that we discussed for the purposes of the above forthcoming BBC television programmes.

If our proposed terms are acceptable to you, please may I ask you to counter-sign and return one copy of the agreement to me so that I may arrange payment of the agreed licence / reproduction fee at the appropriate time?

Thanks and regards,

Yours sincerely,

Rights Executive
BBC Talent Rights Group

Barnes & Noble Inc., New York

Dear Mr. Davenport,

I am a photo editor working in the publishing division of Barnes & Noble, Inc., in New York City, USA. We are working on a puzzle book and are considering featuring one of your photographs in the book. The book will feature approximately 125 photographs.

In doing research for this project, I discovered a photograph you had taken and I believe it is well-suited for our needs. If you are interested in participating in this project, please contact me at your earliest convenience. I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Photography Editor
Barnes & Noble, Inc.
122 Fifth Avenue, 5th Floor
New York, NY 10011


Germany: IMPF Report

Hi, Bill,

I would like to use Photo #322392 for an article about using the cells of unborn children for producing vaccines - what is a crime, because there is a "grey market" about aborted children. Your picture is on page 29.

my website


[For more information on this, I have a blog note about how Canadian vaccines are also made from aborted babies at ]

Wednesday Christianity: Thanksgiving

Hi Bill,

I would like to use your "Bye Bye Sun" photo for a blog about Thanksgiving on Wednesday, November 14. Your photo is on my home page today:

Permanent link:

Thanks again!

Mary Fairchild
About Christianity is part of The New York Times Company


Lindsworth School, West Midlands, UK

Hi Bill,
Just to let you know that I have used your Patches image for the Practical Skills Unit page of a school website. You can find the page that it is used on here:

There is also a page with a credit to you and a link back to your gallery here:

Thanks for sharing your images, and I hope you like what I've done with it.

Kind regards,


The American Tract Society

The American Tract Society sends a daily devotional around the world. On Sunday, September 6th, 2006, the devotional header contained this one of my photos taken near my home in Kentville. It is entitled, "God will answer" with the key verse from Psalm 145:19 "He will fulfill the desire of them that fear him: he also will hear their cry, and will save them."


Altus Music, Ottawa, Ontario

I wanted to thank you for a photo of yours that I used for a music release (free to the public, of course). You'll find it at:
-Mike Carss

Handmaiden Creations, South Carolina

Dear Bill,
Thank you for allowing us to use your wonderful photographs. I write for our Lord and Master, Jesus Christ, and use the poems in both post cards for our church and greeting cards for sale (on a very small scale) which supports my ministry of encouragement to others.

Your photo, enlightened praise will be used on a get well card with the following poem...

Magnify Our Lord Now

I lift my voice to Heaven,
praise flowing from my soul.
Our Lord has answered once again
proving He's in control.

The touch of just one finger
releases the healing balm
that flows o'er my whole body
relieving pain, bringing calm.

Sleep that had eluded me
was now blissfully sweet
as God's miracle of healing
covered me from head to feet.

Come, magnify our Lord now,
give thanks to Him with me
for prayers were quickly answered
when we prayed in harmony.

Dorothea K. Barwick 6-21-2006

Naturally your name and country will be noted on the back as photographer.
Thank you again for sharing what God has allowed you to capture of His magnificant creation. If you ever have one with a lot of hands raised (like 3 or 4 couples with just from elbows to wrist with a beautiful sunset or sunrise, or even just on white background, I'd love to use it with another poem.

With blessings,
dotty barwick
Handmaiden Creations
543 W. Calhoun St.
Sumter, SC 29150-4565

Pearson Publishing, Malaysia

My name is Rachel and I work for Pearson Malaysia. May I have your permission to use your lovely photos of the Wind Vane #531715 and #535104 on a cover of a couple of Math books. These books is for children and used only in Malaysia. I could send you pdf files of the cover when the covers are ready.
Here are two covers using your lovely pictures.
Thank you.Rachel


Highland Games in Scotland

Hi Bill,
I am using your kilt image on my web site to promote local highland games (Western Isles of Scotland)
A great image thanks for sharing.
Kind Regards

Textbook Illustration in China

Dear Mr Davenport,
We are textbook publishers in Hong Kong and we are in the process of publishing a textbook for the mainland China students. The book is written in English.

We hereby notify you that we would like to reproduce your photo from the following link as we found it is suitable for our use in the book mentioned above. Acknowledgement will be given when it is published.

Description: Photo #302162
(Please refer to

The photo will be used on the following conditions:
1. For China market
2. Educational purpose
3. Use inside the book
4. Photo occupies less than 1/4 page
5. About 10000 copies
6. For adoption in January, 2007

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.
Thank you.

Yours sincerely,

Project Editor
Longman China ELT
Pearson Education Asia Ltd.


MontRED, an online retailer of fine jewelry based in Novi, Michigan, USA

Hi Bill,
I work with MontRED, an online retailer of fine jewelry.
Recently, we introduced a sub-section: where we feature an artwork every day and associate it with one of our jewelry products.
For today's artwork, we have used your photograph: Winter Games II Photo #428219
It is a pretty neat photograph. Nice contrast and a great angle. I also browsed through your other photographs as well as your blog Light n Shadow Photo Portfolio. Pretty impressive.
This is the URL of the page where we used your photograph:
Thank you so much for making this photograph available.
Best regards,
Deepa Shah


"Rejoice" flash presentation

I just wanted to let you know that I have used your photo 'Crocus on white1' in a flash presentation. You may view it here:
Thank you very much for sharing your wonderful work!



Personal Website Theme

Hi Bill,

I used a photo of yours to develop a theme for my personal web site. As I read about you at your site, I was amazed at what a small world it is.

I live in Phoenix, AZ now, but not for much longer. I work for Campus Crusade for Christ and soon my family and I will be moving to Florida.

Anyway, I thought that your picture would work great for the theme I wanted to make and I think it came out pretty nice. You can see it at (our main site tells more about our ministry and campus crusade -

I did have to modify your photo for size and so that the heading for the page could be read. I'm not a graphics arts person, so it all could be done better I am sure, but I am pleased with the outcome.

I've zipped up the theme and made it available for download. I built the theme using an existing WordPress theme that was available the same way. I have credited you as the photographer in the package that a person would download to install the theme if they wanted to use it.

Thanks for sharing your photographs. Thank you also for the work you are doing with pregnant women. My wife and I support the Crisis Pregnancy Center near where we live and have had opportunity to minister to a young woman going through an unplanned pregnancy right now. It is an important ministry and we thank God for people like you who are a part of it. Keep up the good work.

Your brother in Christ,

JR Peck

TGV in the Netherlands

I have a small graphic design company, and I would like to use your photo "Hug a Tree" for a print.
It is for small Dutch non-profit organisation for youth care providing specialist help for children who cannot stay with their natural parents because of complex problems and therefore have to live in foster homes or adoptive families.
As there are long waiting lists for children waiting to be placed in foster homes TGV [the non-profit organisation] are eagerly looking for new foster parents who are not afraid to take a problem child into their families.
For this purpose TGV started a recruitment campaign. I designed a new brochure. The selected photo is not only special and high quality, it is also quite illustrative of the text.


Katja Lucas, The Netherlands


Ensign Media DVD Advent Calendar

Re: Permission to use photo number listed above
Dear Fellow Artist:
We are producing an Advent Calendar on DVD that discusses various aspects of the Christmas Season. The DVD contains twenty-five mini-documentaries, each lasting three to four minutes, for each day of December 1-25. We would like to use your photo listed above for this project, which is scheduled for release by Christmas 2006.
Your photo will be one of more than eight hundred photos used. If we use more than one of your photos you will be notified for each photo that we use.
We will also let you know when the DVD is ready for public release. Your name will be listed in the DVD's credits.
If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to e-mail me at the address below. We are a small family based company and could not do what we do without photographers such as you who make their works available.
Again, thank you for the use of your photo and for the work you do.


Tom Dallis
Ensign Media


WVCY-TV Christian Television Station

Hi Bill,
Thank you so much for your beautiful and tender photos of life, with the fetus models in the hand. We are using them on our Christian TV station, WVCY-TV of Milwaukee, WI. We integrate them with our graphics to accent our weekly Friday night pro-life emphasis. They are great! I really appreciate you sharing them.

I was also very encouraged and so grateful for your boldness in sharing the gospel and the true beauty of what you do on your page. Keep up the good work for Him brother! I will browse your gallery for more photos too. If you have any special ones that you want us to consider using, please feel free to e-mail them to me.
Thanks and God Bless!

In Christ,
J. B. L.
VCY America, Inc.


BBC Website

You fooled me! I'm using this on our noncommercial webpage. It'll be up for a week, so grab a screenshot!

Family Care Network, California

Thank you first and foremost for your openness about God's creation! How encouraging that is! Way to be bold!
Thank you also for your hug a tree picture. I have used it in our recent newsletter and annual report. I work for a non-profit agency called Family Care Network, and we provide foster care, counseling for children and families all in the central coast in California. Out of about 110 employees, about 80% of us are Christian. I just started working here but what a difference a Christian environment does! The scripture that our company uses as its encouragement is James 1:27.
Thanks again for your comments regarding the delightfulness of God! God bless you in your photography. If you do more pictures of children, our company is always looking for good images to use in newsletters, reports, flyers, etc.
-Donna Templeton

Find Joy Website

Hello Bill!
I share your appreciation for God's creation and for Jesus's sacrifice and love.
My first attempt at a web site just went live today: (combining the power of God with the power of the internet).
There are photos on the site, depicting many forms of joy, at all ages and stages of life.
Two of your photos have prominent positions on this site. "Enlightened Praise" is the banner that sets the tone for the entire site. I apologize for cropping the bottom of the photo. It was absolutely beautiful but could not be used for my a site banner...without taking off the bottom. It still says it all.
The second photo "fall"en asleep", is at the very end, right above what I consider to be the "hands of God". The symbolism is that we can all have the carefree peace of a child asleep in the leaves, safe in God's loving hands.
Thank you so much for posting these. You have a deep spirituality to your work.
My prayer is that God will lead people to as He directs and that He will use the site to reach people for his kingdom.
I will add more pages as God directs, so I will likely be contacting you again.
Enjoy the site!
Linda Pelletier

Bulletin Cover

Dear Bill,
I was so touched by your photo, "The Tree," and also by the descriptive text you included with it.
With your permission I would like to design a bulletin cover using both the text and photo, probably close to Easter. I pray God blesses you and your continued photographic witness. EllenH

[Text with photo: "The Tree
In a little grave yard on the Wolfville Ridge overlooking Gaspereau Valley of Nova Scotia, Canada, stands this cross. Behind it, as the sun illuminates the sky after its setting, a tree stripped bare of its leaves by a raging wind storm a few days before ... How well that tree knows the hope only its Maker can give ... the hope of new life after the deathly cold of winter ... What fruit that nearer tree did bear that dreadfully dark day as the Answer to all our ills hung to die a rejected King ... What amazing grace that any of this makes sense to a puny worm as I."]

"Arise" CD Cover

Mr. Davenport,
My name is Tom McCartney and I do pro bono graphics work for different Christian ministries. I came across your "Enlightened Praise" photo and wanted to use it on a CD cover for a family who travels leading worship and praise in and around Texas. I saw that you had no restrictions on the photo but wanted to see if you would like a credit on the CD jacket for the photo and if so what you would like.
As it is now I have included the following text: "Photo by Bill Davenport: Light 'n Shadow Photography"

Here are the preliminary proofs. I am sure there are some tweaks that will need to take place as it was pretty late when I was working on it all. Also, I will see if I can get a few of them in the mail once they are completed.
Thought you also might like to know that I just recently finished a video for the Southern Baptist Texas Convention to support their disaster relief team efforts. The reason that I mention it is that the gentleman that headed up their efforts for Katrina, Rita, and a few others recently was named "Bill Davenport" and he is one of the finest men I have met in quite awhile.
I also wanted to let you know that your photos are fabulous. I didn�t get a chance to look at your site much tonight but did some browsing and your composition is wonderful and you are quite talented. It is great to see such talents being used to serve the Lord and your willingness to apply proper credit (to Him) where it is due is refreshing as well.
Also, the family that is producing this CD have a fantastic ministry and are truly committed Christians. I support their website and have done graphics for them for about 6 years now and they are truly a blessing. I think that the spirit of your image and their music is a literal "match made in Heaven" if you know what I mean.
Tom McCartney

Sermon PowerPoint Background

I stumbled across one of your photos, and thought you would like to see what I did to it. My pastor is doing a sermon on Colossians, and I needed a background that would not compete with the words, but also convey a powerful message. Thanks for your inspirational work! God bless, Dawn.

Campus Light

Hey thanks for the photo! I attached the 11x17 version to this email so you can download it and see what it looks like!
"He must become greater; I must become less."

Liquid Plastic

Hi Bill,
Just wanted to let you know I used one of your shots -- the old shack with the crazy roofline -- in a blog design, at . Thank you so much for sharing that wonderful photo!
Best regards,
Julie Hathaway
Pilcrow Text & Design, LLC


Music CD cover

Hello. Thank You so much for allowing me to use your photograph. I have made some modifications to it in conjunction with other photographs for the completion of the project. I am attaching a copy for your review. Please let me know what you think. I would appreciate the input.

Jeanette Photo of the week

Hi Bill,
Just thought I'd write in and say you have some wonderful pictures.
I've used one of them on the home page of my site
( as my Picture of the Week.


hi bill

thanks you can go to see the work on my site in one or
two week; i tell you that with a mail at this time . thank
for meditation about good new and I'm in joy with holy
spirit cause I know a brother in christ in your person
thank jesus and god make a goog and god work with your
photos peace on you chris


Scrapbooking Website

Hello Bill,
Thank you for generously offering your well-shot photos! That's awesome of you.
I think you'll like to know how your photos are being used. I've used the below photo on the corresponding page for my scrapbooking site:
1)Pure White -
The picture is beautifully-taken. And once again, thank you so much for sharing your photos with us!
Fion Lim

Wednesday, Denmark's leading online directory

Dear Bill
I found some of your photos, and I went to your blog and found some even better ones :-) I have taken the liberty of using one of them for a spot ad on You'll find it as the third spot in the righthand column, advertising our series of map books. The text reads something like "Go for a drive in the forest - and enjoy the autumn colours before winter is upon us. Find the forest with a Krak map". is Denmarks leading online directory, visited by around 900.000 unique users weekly - searching for phone numbers, addresses, driving directions etc.

I hope you like seeing your excellent photo here. It will definitely get a large audience! I will check your site again next time I need a good photo.

Best regards
Marketing Coordinator


Pearson Education, South Asia

Dear Bill,
I am an editor at Pearson Publishing South Asia. I chanced upon your photograph (pretty pearls poised precariously) and would like to use the the exquisite photo for a full page spread in two of my Geography textbooks. The books are for educational purposes and are produced for 15-year-old in the Singapore market. [I've] sent you a copy of [how] your photo has been used for our Geography textbook. Attached is a copy of the layout.
Thanks a lot for sharing your collection of photos. Really appreciate your wonderful effort and giving spirit :)

D. C.
Editor (Arts and Humanities)
Pearson Education South Asia

Canada Photo Series

Hey Bill Davenport,

The reason I am contacting you is because I would like to let you know that we are using one of your photos of Halls Harbour, Nova Scotia on our website ( that you made available. While you noted that there are "no usage restrictions for this photo", we would let you know where your photo is being used and offer you an opportunity to be given credit for being a contributing photographer. You can view the photo here:
Thanks again for allowing others to use your photograph, and we look forward to hearing back from you.
Have a great day,


The Society of Chiropodists and Podiatrists

Hi there,
Just to let you know that I used your image of the feet bones for my article on the website. Just go to the news item 'Humans wore shoes over 30,000 years ago.

Kind regards

Website Co-ordinator
The Society of Chiropodists and Podiatrists


Caring Ministry Cards, Good Shepherd Lutheran, East Troy, WI

Hello Bill!
I saw one of your photos called "Newbie" that we would like to use for our church Caring Ministry Team. Part of our team ministry at Good Shepherd Lutheran Church in East Troy, WI is to send greeting cards to our church families who have experienced different life situations such as needing encouragement, a death in the family, surgery or illness.
We have decided to begin including new parents more in this ministry also. We looked into many card companies for cards really appropriate, but did not find anything that worked well. That's when we decided to make our own cards.
Your photo of the newborn lends itself so well to what we are looking for. You have a beautiful photo of the newborn that could be used with a bible verse to send to new parents.
We would like permission to use your photo for these cards. The cards would not be sold or used commercially in any way. They would only be designed and used for our own church families. I will wait to hear from you. Thanks, Caring Ministry, Good Shepherd Lutheran.


Wedding Hub .net

Peace of Christ be with you!
Hi, I'm from Philippines. I came across your pictures [wedding photos can be found here by scrolling down to posts from July 11th] as I search pictures for the website i'm currently working. Can i use your pictures in my website? This is the
address of my website:
Thanks & God Bless You!


Magazine Editor

I found your image "Puddles are for splashin'" and thought it might work well for a story coming up in the magazine I edit, VerbSap. You can see the photo and credit at
Thank you so much for making your images available.
Laurie Seidler

National Christian Art Library


I find (your photo) "frustrated carpenter" to be very interesting.

I work for a religious news organization. We print custom newspapers for local church congregations around the country and I am trying to put together a library of Christian art for the editors of the papers to use. I came across your photos and was curious if we could have permission to put your photos into the collection. The library would only be accessible to the editors of the papers we print and not the general public. The library would be used by the editors as a source for content to place in their newspaper each week. These newspapers are distributed to their congregations and not the general public. We would not be charging for access to the library. We would possibly want to use some as graphic elements in web page designs as well.